In search of silence and reflection, 23 year old Killian finds himself by chance living in a container in the Northern Sea. Here he spends his days as a bird warden, keeping stock of 30,000 migratory birds. Alone and many miles from the mainland, he documents the everyday challenges of his hermit existence in a cinematic diary. As he sharpens his senses to live in the present, he discovers a lightness of living and a longing to take this with him into adulthood.


Director / DoP : Kilian Helmbrecht

DoP: Alexander Haßkerl, Henrietta Langholz, Moritz Münch

Editing: Jan Soldat, Kilian Helmbrecht

Sound design / Sound mixing: Lorenz Fischer

Voice recording: Mathias Wendt, wave-line GmbH

Colorgrading: Alexander Haßkerl

Producer: Nicole Schink

Executive Producer: Robert Morgenstern, Alexander Haßkerl

Production: ATARA FILM, ZDF/3SAT


Thanks to: Marco Vieregge, Jordsand e.V., Imme Flegel, Dieter Kalisch, Stella Klasan, Petra Dinnebier, Xenia Thamm, Felix Friedrich, Christoph X, Fee Luck





29 min. | documentary | in post production


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